Two old rivals on the road

Two old rivals on the road

Today you have to be very lucky to spot a combo of these "classic" supercars. You'd probably have more luck 10 years ago, when these cars were on the top of the game. The 2003 Ferrari Enzo and 2005 Porsche Carrera GT were spotted together in the City of Paris, France.

The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari and the Porsche Carrera GT were well-matched in their time period. The Ferrari Enzo was ahead of its time and already running with an automatic gearbox, while the Porsche had the manual (wooden) gearshift. The wooden knob was to pay homage to the balsa wood shift knob used in the famous Porsche 917. The performance of the engines were very well matched with respectively 660 hp and 612 hp. The big difference; Ferrari used a screaming V12 straight out of the Formula One, while Porsche did it with Le Mans-built V10. The best sound? That title still goes to the Carrera GT.

Oudjes komen samen lekker buitenspelen

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