Top spot: Ford GT 2017

Top spot: Ford GT 2017

So far only three copies have been uploaded on our site and it is time that Ford is gearing up the deliveries! This is a customer car, and it belongs to instagrammer mwvmnw. The car looks mean, futuristic and gorgeous, all at the same time. The yellow finish with the blue subtle lines and yellow tire graphics gives the car a striking appearance.

What a spectacular car this is! We had to wait a few years to see the car live on the streets, but it was worth the wait. In 2015 Ford surprised everybody with a concept that didn't change in production. The aerodynamics and the technology that controls all parts of it are a game changer. And Ford GT’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine is the company’s most powerful EcoBoost ever, delivering 647 horsepower. It was developed alongside the GT race engine and the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine used in the F-150 Raptor high-performance off-road pickup, which shares almost 60 percent of its parts with GT’s engine. GT’s role as a technology test bed is evident throughout the supercar, with some innovations, such as carbon fiber light-weighting, serving as longer-term possibilities, while others are hitting showrooms soon. For example, all-digital dashboard technology, similar to that in the supercar’s, is available in the 2018 Mustang.

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