The ugliest Porsche got a bit of a makeover

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  • 2024-04-07 12:00
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The ugliest Porsche got a bit of a makeover

For most people, the Porsche 928 is considered the greatest evil ever to leave the halls of Porsche. The fan base isn't too large. Nevertheless, there is one. For all those who don't see the 928 as quite so cool, here is a somewhat more extreme variant from Strosek.

A well-known car tuner from the early eighties is Strosek. They tuned Porsche models in a very unique way. While for some, it's seen as a destruction of artworks, for others, it's an enhancement and refinement. Particularly well-known, for example, was the 964 Speedster. Its appearance was completely different after the Strosek treatment. Its headlights were replaced with tiny little holes and somehow, the surface of the vehicle seemed to be made from a single piece.
The 928 was refined in a slightly different way. It received racing-style air intakes on the hood, which we already know from models like the F40. It also received new bumpers and a widened side. Additionally, BBS RS wheels were mounted on this model, further enhancing the car's look. Of course, the vehicle remains unique nonetheless.

The ugliest Porsche got a bit of a makeoverClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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