Spotted: Ferrari 458 Speciale in a rainy Paris

Spotted: Ferrari 458 Speciale in a rainy Paris

We now know that a new hot version of the 488 GTB is waiting to be revealed. Will it be a Speciale, Special Edition or a GTO? In just a couple of months we will learn more from Maranello racing stable. All the more reason to reflect on the greatness, the Ferrari 458 Speciale. For many this is the ultimate 8-cylinder Ferrari and we recognize that in the interest when a Speciale is uploaded on our site. This particular copy is beautifully captured in the rainy conditions in Paris.

Although I am convinced that the successor of the Speciale is going to be very "special", it will hard to overachieve the nostalgia and sound of the atmospheric V8. It doesn't matter how hard the manufacturers try to make turbo engines sound good, it often remains somewhat artificial when you put them next to their atmospheric counterparts. For that reason alone the 458 Speciale, the final atmospheric V8 GT of Ferrari, will always keep a special place in our hearts. Forza Ferrari! i>

Gespot: Ferrari 458 Speciale in regenachtig Parijs

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