Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Urus by Horse-power.

Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Urus by Horse-power.

Although Lamborghini was forced to shut down production of their cars luckily the cars that are already build keep showing up on the roads. Horse-power managed to find not one but two of these raging Italian bulls and they could not be more different. A yellow V12 Aventador a white Urus and a very pretty dual tone Rolls Royce Wraith can be found in this spot. Thi isthe 38th Urus uploaded by horse-power, an insane amount considering I have only uploaded 4 and spotted my Fifth today!

The W hotel is a location that is always has some nice cars in the Valet, with rooms starting at $340 dollars per night and ending all the way at $1500 for 1 night this hotel attracts exactly the kind of clientele we car spotters love. When you look back at the big spots that were uploaded from Miami there is a big chance that the car is uploaded by Horse-power and that the car was parked infront of the W hotel. I personally have walked in front of this hotel and spotted some nice cars in the valet so that makes this spot extra special to me.

Congratz on yet another SOTD West, number 302 already, keep the spots coming!

Spot of the day USA: Lamborghini Urus by Horse-power.

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    Stanley E. Johnston  -  2020-04-28 at 20:01

    The W hotel is looking amazing and this is infact a outstanding site for people who want to enjoy it. Per night stay here ranges from 340$ to 1500$ but if students choose then it's easier for them to manage their thesis work. A variety of cars is also available on the spot.

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