Rides of some of the best footballers of the present generation

Rides of some of the best footballers of the present generation

Being a professional footballer definitely has its benefits, and one of the most notable ones of them is the type of cars you can buy and enjoy, provided your earnings are astronomical enough though! However, there are some footballers that separate themselves from the rest and have a keen eye for the best cars. Let’s tell you about these players and their favourite cars.

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Cristiano Ronaldo - Ferrari LaFerrari
Costing a whopping $ 2 million, this beauty might seem untouchable to a lot of people, but not Cristiano Ronaldo who bagged an amazing 5 year long, £ 288,000 per week deal with Real Madrid.

It was once reported that the first-ever used LaFerrari 2014 was put up for sale at a phenomenal fee of $ 3.2 million, showing what kind of background one should have in order to be able to afford such a ride. Did we tell you that this beauty looks astonishing in white?!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Ferrari Enzo
If Cristiano Ronaldo’s LaFerrari is a rare find, as there were only 499 units produced, Ferrari Enzo is another car that is not commonly seen anywhere in the world. Only 399 of them are left in the world. And one of them is owned by none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His collection actually features multiple models of Ferrari.

The highly popular LA Galaxy player obviously has a very good and educated taste for cars as Enzo even though is not the newest Ferrari model in the market, it’s definitely among the best. Power, guile, speed and a knack for special things, they rightly say that a driver actually matches his/her car. Are you aware that he’s passionate about toy cars as well?!

Cristiano Ronaldo – Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron is perceived to be the fastest produced car in the world. The SuperSport edition of this car sells for $ 1.7 million and can go from 0 to 60 mph within 2 seconds. Not to forget that you can reach speeds of up to 250 mph with this beauty. That seems just the right kind of extravagance that Cristiano Ronaldo might be used to. Here’s a quick view of some of the cars he owns.
Lionel Messi – Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale
From all the cars that they have to offer at present, GranTurismo MC Stradale from Maserati is by far the most impressive, and it’s clearly evident why.

Being a fan of all the finer things in life, Lionel Messi didn’t waste much time in buying this ride for himself. Although she might not kick like a Bugatti Veyron, you cannot ignore the sheer beauty of this car. Driving white cars on the dust-filled Catalan streets might not seem like the best thing to do, but Messi can obviously afford to have his car washed at least once per week!

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