Novitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Novitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Making the thrilling sports cars from Lamborghini even more dynamic and individual: that is the specialty of NOVITEC. The German refinement specialist now also offers a sophisticated racing-look refinement range for the current top-of-the-line model of the Aventador model series, the SVJ.

The thrilling NOVITEC looks are characterized by the new carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components, which were tailored to the active aero of the two-seater in the wind tunnel, and the hi-tech forged wheels with center lock developed in cooperation with American manufacturer Vossen. In addition, NOVITEC offers various sport exhaust systems for the Aventador SVJ, which optimize not only the exhaust note and the performance, but also save up to 19 kilograms in weight. Exclusive options for an even more individual cockpit design round off the NOVITEC range, which is available for the coupe and the roadster, of course.

After the NOVITEC regimen, a perfect blend of thrilling looks and aerodynamic efficiency characterizes the face of the two-seater. The combination of the more prominent NOVITEC front spoiler lip and the front flaps mounted to the upper end of the central air intake gives the SVJ an even more aggressive expression. In addition, in concert with the NOVITEC trunk lid with integrated air ducts, front-axle lift at high speeds is reduced and the handling stability is further improved as a result. The air outlets at the upper end of the front hood, longer than their production counterparts, round off the thrilling design effectively.

The side view of the top-of-the-line Aventador model is given a sportier profile with the NOVITEC rocker panel attachments in front of the rear wheel arches and the air intakes on the side windows, which project further forward and route the airflow even more effectively to the radiators in the rear end.

The NOVITEC carbon scoops for the upper air intakes at the sides ensure a further optimized supply of cooling air for the twelve-cylinder engine behind the cockpit. The loving detail work of the NOVITEC designers is also evident in the engine hood of the Aventador SVJ Coupe: The central scoop routes the airflow directly to the ALA system for the rear end. This system has adjustable flaps on the hood in order to use the airflow for optimizing the aerodynamics. In addition, the NOVITEC airbox supplies the engine bay with additional fresh air. Redesigned air outlets play an equally crucial role in the improved air exchange in the engine bay.

The NOVITEC rear flaps below the wing add a visual highlight and with their sophisticated shape help to generate even more downforce at high speeds as well.

The design of the NOVITEC NL4 hi-tech forged rims for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is characterized by six delicate spokes, which taper off into the edge of the rim in the shape of a broad Y. The design of the spokes takes up the lines and angles of the vehicle body and the tail lamps of the Aventador. NOVITEC was able to secure the services of American hi-tech wheel manufacturer Vossen, which specializes in manufacturing wheels for the world's most exciting cars, as a competent partner for the development and production of these wheels.

Novitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJNovitec refines the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

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