Mercedes – AMG GT S sports some crazy rims

Mercedes – AMG GT S sports some crazy rims

The rich city of Greenwich produced some top notch spots, usually this is due to the exclusivity of the car, this time however it has everything to do with the spec the owner went with, the wheels to be exact.

The kind of wheels are not common In Europe, owners tend to be a bit more subtle when making changes to their car or with the choices of wheels. While I am a a big fan of owners personalizing their cars to makes them just be that little bit different from all the other cars I really don’t like these wheels. The GT-s is a gentleman’s cruiser in my opinion and these wheels really mess up the car. But the owner likes them and I am sure he wont be the only one! It’s a good thing everybody has a different taste in cars or mods because if would all be driving exactly the same cars thing would get boring real quick.

Deze Mercedes-AMG GT S wint zeker niet de schoonheidsprijs

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