Is McLaren building a 675 LT GT3 race car, or...?

Is McLaren building a 675 LT GT3 race car, or...?

Before the introduction of the 720S, the 675 LT was the second strongest McLaren in the line-up. The car is aging and is overshadowed by the amazing 720S. Is McLaren making a final (GT3 race) version 675LT? Or, is this just a body used for testing of McLarens new BP23, the new rack-concentrated road car in the Ultimate Series.

The car was spotted on the public road and whether the car is going to be street-legal, remains to be seen. We don't know the details but we can clearly see the enormous (wing) spoiler, aerodynamic modifications and the front/rear diffusers. On the front windshield we can read the internal type/model identification, MV715-23. Time will tell what this car is all about and we are excited to learn more about the details and what McLarens has in store for this car. Maakt McLaren van de 675 LT een GT3 raceauto?

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