First Bugatti Chiron Pur Sports spotted!

First Bugatti Chiron Pur Sports spotted!

The beast of Molsheim with a wing measuring an impressive 190 cm wide, that’s 7cm longer than an average adult male here in the Netherlands, quite impressive considering the Netherlands are second in row when it comes to having the tallest people in the world, only to be beaten by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is not the car you want to have when you want to break the magic 400km/h barrier, it ‘only’ has a topspeed of 350 km/h to preserve the focus on optimal performance and a wide viability of the power.

Only 16 units will be produced and there are quite a lot of changes when you start comparing it to a regular Chiron. We have already discussed the wing but the front bumper also saw some changes. On the front axle 65% stiffer springs are added and the rear springs are 33% stiffer. This means a lot of Comfort is sacrificed but the car does become a lot of more sportive. I don’t think that this is a bad thing, if you can afford a car like this I wont believe it is your daily driver for a second! The wheels are 16kg lighter and Bugatti fitted lighter brakes and titatium calippers are added to save an additional 3kg’s.

The cost to be able to buy one of these limited, improved Chirons? A solid 3 million Euro’s!!!

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport zit aan de anabolen

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