Ferrari 488 Pista Spider sports the Alitalia look

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider sports the Alitalia look

A homage to the legendary Lancia Stratos with the Alitalia look, we have seen this before. This 488 Pista Spider which was spotted in Paris also has some homage about it.

The 488 pista spider sports a somewhat free interpretation of the livery once worn by the Lancia Stratos. It still really stands out in the grey streets of Paris and the 488 wears it with pride! Especially the rear of the Pista Spider looks like the original Livery. Besides the fact that this car is definitely a looker it is also a new 488 pista for the site, we hope that many more will follow since the 488 has been branded by Ferrari as a special series instead of a limited edition which means they will keep creating them until either the demand for the car stalls or a new model is introduced!

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider gaat voor de Alitalia look

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