Bridgestone Potenza Sport named best sports tire

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Bridgestone Potenza Sport named best sports tire

Developments in the field of car tires never stand still. It has to be more economical, last longer and of course perform optimally. The different brands put millions of euros in the development, but only one can be the best. This year it's Bridgestone topping the charts with their brand new Potenza Sport.

Bridgestone developed the new Potenza Sport in collaboration with more than 3,800 drivers and it was first shown on the Maserati MC20 shown to the general public last year. This tire will be available from mid-February and all common sizes (17 to 22 inches) are now amply in stock. Not only the Maserati MC20 was equipped with the new Potenza Sport. In the meantime, Bridgestone already supplied special versions of the Potenza Sport as first-assembly tire for top models of Lamborghini, Maserati and BMW, among others.

Extensive experience in Formula 1 and long-standing partnerships with premium high-performance car manufacturers allowed Bridgestone to develop the Potenza Sport. This tire sets new standards for top sporting performance coupled with best-in-class results in dry conditions and on wet surfaces. Tested by TÜV SÜD, one of the most respected independent test institutes for the automotive industry in Europe, the Potenza Sport delivers the best performance in dry braking (shortest braking distance on dry road), cornering and stability on the road. straight line (maintenance of vehicle stability, both when driving straight ahead and when cornering) compared to competitors in the premium segment. Even on wet roads, the Potenza sport scores excellently in TÜV SÜD1 tests, with an EU label “A” for grip, cornering performance and handling. In addition, the Potenza Sport also has a longer lifespan than its predecessor, the S001.

Custom Potenza Sport tires have already been selected as the first-assembly tire by some of the world's most prestigious car brands, including Maserati for its MC20 supercar, Lamborghini for the Huracán STO and BMW for the 8 Series, and many more will be brands follow.

Earlier this month, Autobild conducted the Sportscars 2021 tire test, crowning the Bridgestone Potenza Sport as the winner over eight other premium tires. The tests were carried out on a Ford Mustang 5.0 V8! A new tire on the market that immediately caused furore and beaten the established order.

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