Another Top Marques surprise

Another Top Marques surprise

As mentioned in a previous report, during Top Marques in Monaco, it's common to see more hypercars driving around the city. Here we see a brand new Pagani Utopia. This is its first ever appearance of this one.

The Utopia is the successor to the beautiful Pagani Huayra and the grandchild of the absolutely legendary Pagani Zonda. It's clear that this car is born with legendary status. It is more of a piece of art on wheels than just a means of transportation. But that's what you would normally expect when you're a Pagani customer.
Not many Utopias have been spotted so far. This is only the second customer Utopia. All the others we've seen were still test cars. I can tell you one thing: the Utopias we will see in the future will be absolute bangers. Several have already been seen delivered in Modena, and each one was more beautiful than the last. A popular color scheme is the configuration of the Zonda Cinque. Several examples have been delivered in various Zonda Cinque colors. And it can truly be said that it suits the Utopia very well. Let's hope we can see more of these soon.
This particular example is also beautifully configured. It is painted in a stunning dark blue color and adorned with an artistic stripe. This car fits perfectly in the streets of Monaco.

Another Top Marques surpriseClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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