A David Brown Speedback GT shows up in Taipei

A David Brown Speedback GT shows up in Taipei

Not many of these David Browns have been spotted yet. This is only the eighth specimen.

So far, we've only seen eight examples of the David Brown. They're mostly sighted in London, which seems to be the most suitable place for them. That's because the car isn't everyone's cup of tea. When this vehicle hit the market, the term "restomod" was hardly in use. The hype for these restomod cars came years later. The first specimen appeared in the UK in 2014. Presumably, this car received a lot of hate at that time. A high-tech vehicle in the skin of a classic was still somewhat unusual. Now we're in the year 2024, and the situation has changed considerably. Almost every vehicle with a reputation from the past now has a limited series of restomod models.

This David Brown, which appeared in Taipei, Taiwan, is the slightly sportier variant, the Silverstone Edition. It features two additional headlights in the grille. What's particularly special about this model are the tinted windows all around. That completes the black look. In most European countries, of course, that would be strictly prohibited.

A David Brown Speedback GT shows up in TaipeiClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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