2700 horsepower in one picture

2700 horsepower in one picture

It’s not just 1 picture, it is divided over just 2 cars! Granted, the 2 cars happen to be Bugatti’s so you already know when we start adding up we are gonna get a crazy number.

These cars also happen to not be regular bugatti’s. We see the Roofless Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse en de Chiron Zero-400-Zero Edition. Each worth a very respectable 1200 and 1500 horse power! This exclusive combo was spotted in Hedingen, a small city south west of Zürich. I can’t seem to find that much info about the Vitesse, the Chiron however was a pre production model which was used extensively for a lot of promotional material by Bugatti. It was also the actual car that was displayed at the IAA Frankfurt in 2017. Quite the sight to see.

Topspot; 2.700 pk gevangen op één foto

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